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It should be news to nobody that, the second you make the compelling decision to take an animal under your tender loving care, you immediately become responsible for providing that animal with the safest and warmest home possible. Figuring out which type of cube aquarium is the safest and most versatile option for your pet fish is no exception to that obligation. Choosing a fish tank with the best features proves to be vital in raising happy and healthy fish.

Setting up an aquarium with beautiful fish in your home environment is sure to bring joy to your daily life. Such beauty is not only charming but also very calming and entertaining to look at. Naturally, all of these should make a good list of reasons to think long and thoroughly regarding the kind of environment you chose to put your precious fish in otherwise you may put them in fatal danger.

There is an overwhelming variety of fish tanks to pick from, which is the exact reason why our team has brought right under your fingertips an extensive list of six of the best cube aquariums as follows:

  1. Best 6 and 12 Gallons: Fluval Edge
  2. Best Nano: Tetra Cube 3 Gallon
  3. Best Budget: Marineland Contour
  4. Best with Waterfall: Fluval Chi
  5. Best for Bettas: BiOrb Cube 30
  6. Best Reef: Coralife Biocube 32
best nano cube aquarium

Best Cube Aquarium Reviewed

The alternatives below were selected from a wide range of products while deciding on the best fish tanks that are guaranteed to appeal to a wide range of people. As a result, we personally reviewed each product to provide you with the highest level of authenticity when purchasing something. 

We have a tank for any category from a 30-gallon cube aquarium, to the best cube aquarium for beginners, to a nano aquarium, and so on. Below you’ll find a summary of our best selections. All of the above has been taken into account in finding the best cube aquarium kit for you.

Best 6 and 12 Gallon
Fluval Edge Fish Tank

Fluval is recognized for its excellent aesthetics and value for money, among other things. As soon as you put Fluval Edge together, you’ll notice several things, but the most striking of them is how well-made it is. Thought and care have gone into this product, resulting in a durable product that will serve you well and won’t cause any difficulties. 

It accomplishes everything that it’s meant to do quite effectively, with plenty of extra area for further advantages. It’s got a great filter, bright, nice-looking LEDs, and amazing harmony between its components that set it aside from its competitors. The Fluval Edge is a fantastic aquarium that has many components that most aquarists would die for. You’ll love it for your fish, house, office, and certainly, your peace of mind.

Product Specs

  • Ideal for: Freshwater and saltwater
  • Material: Glass 
  • Filtration: Multi-stage filtration
  • Lighting: 6000K LED Light  deep blue night-time LED light incorporated into the lid
  • Size Options: 6 and 12 gallon (6 gallon version has a cuboid style)


  • Well built
  • Upgradeable
  • Sturdy and age proof
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Stunning design


  • You might need to upgrade the filter over time

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Best Nano
Tetra Cube 3 gallon fish Tank

If you’re looking for a great starting aquarium, go no further than the Tetra cube aquarium set. From all the nano tanks on the market, our staff believes that the Tetra Cube 3 gallon is the finest. Beginners, as well as finessed aquarists, will like this tank’s LED lighting system, a filter and pedestal base, as well as a useful guide. 

There are a few things about this product that make it stand out from the crowd, including the flexibility it provides to experiment with diverse species that can co-exist in a small space. This cube aquarium will meet all of your fish’s demands also in flair, thanks to its quirky and distinguishable design.

Product Specs

  • Ideal for: Freshwater and Saltwater
  • Material: Glass and acrylic
  • Filtration: Whisper power filter (Tetra 3i filter)
  • Lighting: Blue LED light
  • Size Options: 3 gallon


  • All in one kit
  • Special design
  • Bright lights
  • Has a nice base that makes it look like it’s floating


  • Might be small if you’re looking for a versatile ecosystem

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Best Budget
Marineland Contour Fish Tank Review

This aquarium is an excellent choice for the majority of fish-lovers out there. Stylish design and curved edges give it an air of sophistication, showcasing the builder’s skill and ingenuity. A strong, well-built device, it will surprise you and exceed your expectations in terms of quality. 

Marineland Contour package includes everything you need to get started. Economics-wise, it’s a no-brainer. All of the aquariums, including the cover, are constructed of glass, which is a very uncommon option in aquarium design. Your fish will have plenty of areas to swim. You may utilize extra filtration equipment besides the one that comes with the aquarium. 

There’s no doubt that the Marineland Contour will benefit you in the long run whether you look at it from the standpoint of design, construction, or accessibility.

Product Specs

  • Ideal for: Freshwater and Saltwater
  • Material: Glass and acrylic
  • Filtration: Marineland Rite-Size Z filter 
  • Lighting: Rail LED light
  • Size Options: 3 and 5 gallon


  • Aesthetic and attractive
  • Everything you need in one kit 
  • Quiet and strong filter
  • Glass instead of plastic construction


  • Incompatible with high-light-required plants

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Best with Waterfall
fluval Chi 5 Gallon Fish Tank

In a small yet comprehensive packaging, the Fluval Chi aquarium will satisfy all your needs. Despite its modesty, with the right decorations, it may look stunning and serve as a home for your fish for years to come. When it comes to aquariums, the majority of fish keepers have heard of Fluval and their eye for aesthetics. 

This tank is designed according to feng-shui, which is an ancient Chinese tradition that employs energy forces to balance people with their surroundings. With its ambient sounds and waterfall effect, this is a relaxing experience regardless of whether you believe in spiritual activities or not. You can’t ask for more than a great tank with incredible value for money from a respected and well-known manufacturer.

Product Specs

  • Ideal for: Freshwater
  • Material: Glass 
  • Filtration: Waterfall filter
  • Lighting: 17 LED’s at around 7600K warmth and a second pair on the basket.
  • Size Options: 5 gallon


  • 3 stage filtering
  • Suitable for starters
  • Affordable
  • Great lighting system
  • Convenient size
  • Excellent quality
  • All in one kit


  • Limited number of fish and plant species it can store
  • Requires constant vigilance to observe water changes

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Best for Bettas
biorb cube 30 cube aquairum review

The biOrb CUBE 30 Aquarium, is a fresh take on a classic design. When combined with biOrb aquarium sculptures and décor it gives an unobstructed view of your aquarium residents as well as a blank canvas for your imagination. An 8 gallon aquarium with elegant black or white trim and even a clear version. 

In addition, the biOrb CUBE is equipped with a standard white LED with an on/off button that is easily accessible. Each month, for maintenance, replace the filter cartridge with a new one and add a third of freshwater to your aquarium. The light and air pump are low voltage to avoid any accidents. The aquarium is acrylic, and just in case, for that peace of mind. Keep in mind that it has a two-year warranty.

Product Specs

  • Ideal for: Freshwater and saltwater
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Filtration: 5 stage filtration
  • Lighting: low voltage LED Light
  • Size Options: 8 and 16 gallon


  • Ideal Betta fish tank
  • Elegant and modern
  • Perfect size for a beginner
  • Easy to clean


  • Air pump is difficult to hide

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Best Reef
Coralife Biocube 32 Aquairum Review

For those who are just beginning into saltwater aquariums, the Coralife Biocube 32 reef tank is a great option. It’s constructed in such a manner that everyone has plenty of areas to work with, but not so much that overwhelms everyone. 

With a convenient size, the Coralife Biocube 32 can accommodate a variety of fish with enough area left over for plants and décor. If you’re just starting started with saltwater fish, it’s a wonderful tank for teaching you simply what you need to know. If you’re searching for a reef aquarium, a saltwater fish tank, or anything else that fits inside the Coralife Biocube 32 dimensions, you can’t go wrong with this option.

Product Specs

  • Ideal for: Saltwater
  • Material: Glass
  • Filtration:  3-stage filtration
  • Lighting: Color enhancing LED light
  • Size Options: 16 and 32 gallon


  • Great light for coral growing 
  • Integrated 24-hour timer
  • Well-built and easy to operate
  • Attractive price


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Benefits of Keeping an Aquarium at Home

Let us cut straight to the chase with this one: Why even keep an aquarium in your house? You must clearly mean except for the breathtaking beauty of bringing a piece of the majestic world underwater into your home, from the freshwater of the rivers to the gorgeous coral reefs. Well to answer your question, there are so many health benefits to it that you may or may not be able to guess.

An aquarium can be as small or big a piece of decor you want, like a small corner piece in a room or the bold main characteristic right where you can’t miss it. Regardless, the versatility of it only contributes to making it a fantastic piece for your home.

The best part is that you can even get creative with the space you decide to put the tank in, whether it be in your bedroom, living room, or office.

Now let’s talk health benefits:

Lowers Blood Pressure

It is shown by several studies that fish tanks kept in the home environment can provide calmness and such effects as lowering blood pressure and reducing heart rate. Needless to mention how beneficial this is to your long-term health. 

The effects of course are all a result of the soothing sounds of water Some people find them to be so calming they even keep aquariums with only small shrimp and no fish.

Significantly Reduces Stress

Even an aquarium video can relieve tension and anxiety, according to several researches. This benefit is multiplied many times more in a real aquarium. Even a fishless aquarium has these de-stressing effects. 

Observing the tank and its occupants is considered to have a calming, almost meditative effect. This impact might also be attributed to the feeling of reconnecting with nature.

Improves Alzheimer’s and Other Debilitating Diseases

The presence of an aquarium has been demonstrated to have a beneficial influence on Alzheimer’s patients. They also saw an increase in hunger, resulting in a reduction in the number of supplements they needed to take. 

All of these benefits were noticed not only with their aquarium but also with only having access to an aquarium for a short period of time a day. After getting the therapy, patients, especially the elderly, were reported to be calmer, happier, and less hostile towards one other.

Increases Productivity

In addition to helping you psychologically, having a fish tank can also help you be more productive. Health advantages including lower blood pressure and less stress contribute to increased productivity. In the office or at home, a fish tank may allow your brain to focus more on the subject at hand by acting as a mild metronome.

best cube aquarium with blue betta

Things To Consider Before Buying A Cube Aquarium

Now we can spend all day discussing how important it is to make a good choice of home for your fish, but what exactly is it that makes an aquarium, a good one for purchase? What qualities even are there that come together to form beautiful homes for your water babies? Let us tell you a thing or two.


Undeniably, the very first factor you need to calculate is the very material of your aquarium. It is a known fact that acrylic tanks show to be more sturdy and durable than glass ones and, therefore, safer not only regarding cracks but also if you have kids or other pets in the house. 

They are in addition clearer which provides a much better view of the beautiful aquatic environment you are about to build. Lastly, they are appropriate for both saltwater and freshwater fish alike. However, glass tanks have a certain class about them and are definitely the standard of fish tanks.


When it comes to matters like design, there’s not really a handbook, it varies from person to person. Design, for some, it’s a priority, while for others, it’s not. Stands come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Some are elegantly designed and basic enough to go in with the minimalistic concept. Some are sophisticated or have a futuristic vibe. 

Either way, it’s all in your hands and in what you want to see your fish swimming around in. After all, a tank is also an ornament, and like it or not it plays a role in our house’s interior design.


  • Freshwater fish tanks: Freshwater tanks are easier to handle, require less maintenance, and are usually less expensive. You can find them especially useful if you’re not that interested in ecosystem variety and don’t have the time to deal with a lot of things at once.
  • Saltwater fish tanks: It takes more time and effort to get your fish to thrive in saltwater tanks, but they offer a more diverse and vibrant ecosystem. People who know what they’re doing will benefit from this option, and beginners will be thoroughly entertained and constantly challenged. Follow a proper guide when setting up a saltwater aquarium as it may be harder than you think. 


Every purchase decision is based on a budget. However, with a middling pricing range, you won’t receive anything special. A few outstanding aquarium kits that are affordable and work well have been evaluated below, but one of the ways to differentiate between product quality and longevity is definitely its price. 

It’s not wise to spare a couple of bucks now and have to spend hundreds more in the future with monthly fixes and arrangements. Choose cautiously and make sure you receive a decent value for your money. Don’t get carried away by things that look too cheap to be good, chances are, they will be.

Our Verdict

In the end, we can say that all of the products we listed are part of our daily life and have held up quite well. Everything depends on what you need, who you are, and your personal living space. You have the option to choose between different brands, different aesthetics, and different case scenarios without compromise. 

Even the cons of each product are easily overpowered by the overwhelming positive traits of each product. Considering that each of them is the right decision for someone out there, it all boils down to the principle of relativity. 

Whether you’d prefer a rimless nano aquarium or a bulky bordered one, a modern fish tank, or a fish tank that could fit in a victorian house, we’ve made sure to include some of the best fish tanks we’ve come across so far. They’re all great options and you wouldn’t regret either choice.

How We Chose the Best Cube Aquarium

To come up with these options, our staff has worked tirelessly through all the paths in front of us and chose each product as if it was a personal purchase. Every product was picked based on the standards they had to fulfill, as well as the quality that they all had to meet to be considered. 

If you have other pets or children in the house, that won’t be a problem at all, for all the options above are kid-friendly and won’t be a continuous hazard in your home. To provide a safe environment in any scenario, all of these items have been constructed to last. All of the manufacturing companies are reputable and have a solid name based on their fish-related items and our own experience with them. 

End result: the definitive list to finding the best cube aquarium. We’re confident that our work combined with years of experience have resulted in a foul-proof article that will be a referral piece for years to come.

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