About us

Epic Aquarium was founded in 2020 to guide you through the most challenging aspects of keeping an aquarium.
Our tips and product reviews make learning easy.

  • How to set up a tank and select the best fish?
  • How to maintain an aquarium to keep your fish happy & healthy?

Our articles will deliver the answers to those questions.
We do weeks of research, reviews, fact-checking, and collaboration with aquarium keeper experts and biology Professors to bring the most trustworthy information.

We try to provide all the information and advice you need, which includes:

  • Step by step guides to set up and design your aquarium.
  • Care guide for planting or raising the most popular fish and aquatic plants.
  • Reviews for different aquarium accessories.
  • Guidance on keeping your fish healthy etc.

We also advise you to select the right mix of fish for your tank.
We don’t leave room for mistakes, so we write everything based on scientific facts.
Keep reading our articles and your fish will thank us.

For questions and queries, feel free to contact us.