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Fluval Spec V Review 5 Gallon Aquarium

Being an aquarium enthusiast is very fun but yet challenging to start with. It is amazing how wonderful aquariums are in the market, but only some of them will best fit your interests. When choosing the best tank for your fish, it is important to be informed about the size, design, requirements, etc. In this case, the best aquarium can be chosen by doing some research about the best fish tanks in the market.

We are going to review the Fluval Spec V. This amazing product is definitely the ideal choice as a small fish tank for your home, especially if you are looking for a 10 gallon fish tank or a 5-gallon fish tank.

This aquarium manufacture has been working for years to give the best nano aquariums for your fish, and it comes with a contemporary design and amazing features. Thanks to this review of Fluval aquarium, you will now make the setup of your tank easier than ever.

Walls MaterialGlass
ShapeRectangular, Square
Size Options2.6 and 5 Gallons
LightLED Lighting
Filter3-Stage Filtration
Air PumpYes
Require aquarium standNo
Used asFreshwater, saltwater,
reef tank , aquascaping
Extrasincludes foam block,
activated carbon,
and BioMax bio rings

Fluval Spec V Overview

Fluval Spec V is a great all-in-one aquarium. It has all the main equipment of the tank to make your fish grow happy. The idea of creating this product came as a result of aquarium hobbyists looking for a sleek design for their nano fish.

Also for being all in one, thanks to its aquarium kit, making it even more worthy as a tank. It is also a tank that can be used as both, freshwater aquarium and a saltwater aquarium. In some cases can be also used as a reef aquarium, based on your tastes.

Fluval Spec V Review 5 Gallon Fish Tank

The new generation of Fluval Spec V is a great sleek design, not having to deal with wires and other types of equipment outside the tank. It has a canister that is perfect to hide all of the equipment that is vital for the aquarium and has a fancy way to do it. It is also more durable than the earlier version, it has better quality lights and the filter system is more efficient. Newer versions come upgrading in the quality of the tank and also in appearance, that is what makes Fluval a great choice.

The main thing that makes Fluval Spec V  stand out from others in the market is being an all-in-one aquarium and on the best Betta fish tank list. Its sleek design and weight make it very attractive to keep in any place of your home, even in small space rooms.

When choosing 5 gallon tanks you are limited on a number of fish you can stock inside. Not all fish do well in a small aquarium so it’s better to choose only the best fish for 5 gallon tank.

It is not heavy when filled, and it can be placed on the kitchen or any desk, it does not require a specific stand as many tanks do. This would save you a lot of trouble, as stands are expensive as well, you wouldn’t want an extra spend on setting up your tank. Not to mention that the quality of the led aquarium light, filtration system, etc, is outstanding.

Design: What’s Included in the Box?

Unboxing the Fluval Spec V might be the most exciting part of the setup for an aquarium enthusiast. The tank comes very well packaged and is fine in shipping, you won’t have to worry about breaking the tank. The whole equipment comes included in one package.

The box includes the tank, filtration pump (together with the filtration sponge, bio max filter bag, and carbon filter bag), LED lights, outlet tube, outlet nozzle, the lid, the acrylic cover, and the instructions of usage. 

What’s important for this product, is the amazing sleek design, and the features that provide the equipment for the aquarium. This tank is designed to be a 5 gallon aquarium by the name itself, that’s what the “V” stands for. It is also great if you have fish for 10 gallon tank. It’s beautiful and very compact in design.

As we said earlier, is easy to be replaced even when filled and it does not need a stand. It is also very attractive and gives a great display. The pieces of equipment can be beautifully hidden in the side compartment of the 5 gallon tank, making it a stunning design.

Fluval Spec V Review 5 Gallon Fish Tank Glass

The light of this tank is of great quality, but some people might not find it good being blue. Those who want a natural-looking light and have a planted tank might not like the blue light. A great thing to be improved would be a dimmer for the light. It would be great to adjust the light in order to reduce the brightness.

Setup of the Aquarium

In Fluval Spec V, the setup and operation are very important. First, you have to unbox the aquarium, and you are ready to go. The tank is already set up, It has four walls of glass and the corners covered with aluminum sound pieces.

The tank sits in a black plastic frame, you can either choose the white version of this product. It is divided into three sections to hide the equipment: The main section where the fish will live, the filter media section, and the section where the pump should be placed.

Fluval Spec V Review 5 Gallon Fish Tank with Fish inside

As for the filtration pump, it has the outlet tube where the water flows, and the outlet nozzle should be mounted on the side of the compartment (the upper part of the smallest section of the compartment). If you want to place a piece of extra equipment, it can be easily attached to the pump if it’s small enough, or use it in the live display.

The pump can be adjusted for low and high water flow, based on your fish requirements. The filters are easy to mount and can be easily replaced. 

The lights, lid, and cover are the last equipment of the tank. The cover of the tank has a sleek design, with an open space in the middle. It fits perfectly with the tank and successfully avoids snails and fish to escape the tank. It also is a perfect fit to cover the algae deposits in the edge, to give the tank a better look. The light is easy to mount, and the panel stands right in front of the free space of the cover on top of the tank. You can simply plug them in and your tank is all set up.

Lighting & Filtration System

Lightning is a very important thing for an aquarium. It is important not only for the display but also for plant growth. This amazing tank has included a unique LED aquarium light. The LED lights are arranged in a housing pattern and filled will silicone so that they don’t get damaged by water, spots, or other hard water deposits. They have a touchpad for on, off, and night mode.

The panel is made of 35 white LED lights, and 2 blue LED lights. If you compare them to the old version, the light is more unified and gives quality light providing a stunning display of the aquarium.

Fluval Spec V Review 5 Gallon Fish Tank Lighting System

This way you will not need to go choosing the filtration systems, LED lights, or any other thing that is essential for your fish, they have all-inclusive. The filtration system is a 3-stage filtration, the pump for mechanical filtration, bio max filter for the biological filtration, and carbon filter for the dangerous chemicals. This way you will not need to worry about all of the above, you’ll be ready to set up your tank already. These are not only important to maintain the tank clean, but also to provide a healthy lifespan for your fish and plants. It is definitely a self-cleaning fish tank, thanks to these features. 

Other Specifications

The tank design is so sleek, it also has accessories that make it even more beautiful. A special thing that is worth mentioning is the aluminum quarter-round pieces in the corners of the tank. They are great to cover the algae growth and make the tank even more beautiful.

The tank has also black silicone pieces to hide the gunk, and the edges are covered by plastic pieces to make it look fancier and also protect the corners of the tank. The compartment of the equipment is also made with a black honeycomb pattern, hiding the equipment but also giving the Fluval tank a wonderful display.

Conclusion: Who Should Buy It?

This Fluval Spec V review shows clearly that is the best 5 gallon fish tank. This amazing aquarium can be chosen by aquarium enthusiasts that want to set up a freshwater tank but is also great for other types of aquariums such as reef or saltwater.

It is also great for beginners, it will help with the easy setup and the aquarium kit that this product provides. Fluval Spec V is also great for those who are passionate about nano fish, is definitely one of the best Betta fish tanks. Its amazing design will make a great display in any room, no matter how large or small in size.

This product is great for those who want a small fish tank to keep on their desk or even kitchen, not wanting to spend money on extra items such as an aquarium stand. Being a lightweight design makes it even more comfortable to replace it wherever you want. It is also steady thanks to its plastic frame.

If you are looking for an all-in-one tank, this is the ideal choice. If you are looking for high quality, and durable equipment is also the ideal choice. Your aqua pets will live happy, healthy, and the tank will enchant your room.

Fluval Spec V Review 5 Gallon Fish Tank near Computer

Share with us your experience with Fluval Spec V in the comment section below. If you have any questions we will be happy to assist.

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