do betta fish need a filter

Do Betta Fish Need a Filter?

This article will help you determine if your Betta fish need a filter or not. It also explains the benefits of adding one to your tank and the best alternatives available.

Fluval Aquasky Review Planted Tank

Fluval Aquasky Review

The Fluval Aquasky is one of the best aquarium LED lights available on the market today. It offers great features and performance at an affordable price. Find out if it’s worth your hard-earned money!

Hygger Aquarium Heater Review Mario Setting Up the Heater

Hygger Aquarium Heater Review

Looking for a quality aquarium heater? Look no further than the hygger Aquarium Heater. We review its features, alternatives, and troubleshooting tips in this article.

seachem flourish excel bioavailable carbon review

Seachem Flourish Excel Review

If you’re an aquarist with a planted tank, then you know that adding CO2 can be essential for your plant’s health and growth. However, if you’re not interested in or able to set up a CO2 system, Seachem Flourish Excel may be a good alternative for you. This product is designed to provide carbon to … Read more

seachem matrix bio filter all products

Seachem Matrix Review

Biological filtration is essential for cycling your tank. To get the best of it we need a quality biofilter. That is why we are revving Seachem Matrix bio-media, to see if it is worth considering buying.

hygger aquarium light review mario

Hygger Aquarium Light Review

With so many options on the market, Hygger aquarium light is the best one for the money. It has a lot of features and some disadvantages. Learn everything about this LED light in this review.