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Fluval Aquasky Review Planted Tank

Aquarium LED lights are becoming more and more popular with aquarists for various reasons. They are often much brighter than traditional fluorescent or incandescent lights, they last longer, and they can be tuned to create the perfect spectrum for your tank.

If you’re looking for a new aquarium LED light, the Fluval Aquasky should be at the top of your list. This light is packed with features that will make it perfect for any tank size and type. In this article, we will review the key features of the Fluval Aquasky, as well as some alternatives. We’ll also help you decide which size to choose and give you some ideal settings to get started.

Fluval Aquasky Overview

If you like highly responsive, uncomplicated, and economical products, we are sure you will take great interest in the Fluval Aquasky. We present nothing short of a versatile, unique, and super effective aquarium LED light with many great features to work with.

Fluval Aquasky Review Unboxing

Fluval offers five different aquarium lights. Fluval Plant 3.0 and the Fluval Aquasky are Fluval’s most improved LED light products. While none of its finest features have been lost, it has evolved.

This Fluval LED light has many lighting settings and preprogrammed presets, is highly cost and energy-efficient, and comes in various sizes to choose from. Anyone can ensure that their precious aquatic plants or coral get the amount of light they need to thrive.

Which Size to Choose?

There are two different sizes of this light to choose from

  • Fluval Aquasky 24 36 is a smaller model and is ideal for 24-36 inches wide tanks and weighs about 1.8 pounds.
  • Fluval Aquasky 48 60 is the largest model and is more suitable for bigger tanks of a 48-60inch width, and its weight falls at 3 pounds. 

I purchased the Fluval Aquasky 2.0 48-60, and that is why this article will be a Fluval Aquasky 48-60 review. Meaning we will be focusing on the larger version of it rather than the smaller one. However, the features remain as similar as they can get.

Fluval aquasky 2.0 Aquairum LED  Light Review Box

Best Settings for Fluval Aquasky LED

We’re confident that one of the essential aspects of Fluval Aquasky 2.0 is its sensitivity to the user’s experience. Indeed anyone can figure out the best way to set up their Fluval Aquasky LED lights, whether through previous experience, knowledge, or by learning as they go.

The FluvalSmart App comes with various presets that the Fluval Aquasky can translate into the light. If anyone doesn’t feel as confident in experimenting just yet, they can still use the light without a refrain.

Fluval Aquasky Review Results on aquatic Plant

The manual mode is ideal for people who are starting to understand how their planted tank thinks and feels and are willing to experiment a bit more to see just what their plants like best. Fluval Aquasky pro mode settings are excellent for people who want more control over their light. This can be especially useful for people whose planted tanks are not doing as well as they would like. 

Key Features

When deciding whether or not to buy a product, it is no secret that knowing the best and most important features of said product is the first step. Fluval Aquasky LED, like all Fluval lights, is jam-packed with fantastic features and is arguably the best product to come out of the company, thanks to numerous improvements in terms of technology and functionality. So without further ado, let us tell you all about this product.

Fluval Aquasky Review Light Coverage


Customizing the light settings with the Fluval Aquasky is possible due to the combination of this product’s white and RGB LEDs. This combination offers nothing short of thousands of different colors.

Fluval’s Aquasky comes preprogrammed with 11 different presets that beautifully mimic different moments of the day in the sky, giving your tank a high-quality natural environment replica. That’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t feel like experimenting but would rather cut to the chase with more natural feeling lighting. 

What is special about this particular light that you don’t see in other models is its full 24-hour cycle. This cycle can replicate different times of the day in terms of lighting. It can fully replicate a whole day to night lighting cycle, mimicking sunrise to day time to sunset to dawn, and so on forth.


Depending on the sort of fish you’re caring for, and the depth of your aquarium, enormous amounts of light may need to reach all the way to the bottom. Given this product’s IP67 water resistance, it can be placed at very close proximity to the surface of the tank water and endure continuous water splashing without taking damage.

Extra Features

The infrared SKYpad remote (included in the package) can control brightness, change colors and replicate sky-like effects with four memory save settings. Automatic light level adjustments are also possible due to an LED dual lamp timer.

The lights have great individual coverage, of 120° each. This will ensure that there is no weird spotlight-looking area in the tank and that the whole place is well lit.

The latter also to the security of the light being mounted closed to the water’s surface as we mentioned earlier, which has an additional benefit we haven’t mentioned yet. As obvious as it may be, it is very important that mounting the light closer to the water surface, makes for more energy being spent on illuminating the tank itself rather than the outside environment around the tank which wastes light, heat, and electricity.


Sometimes, a genuinely excellent product may appear too good to be true, or we may just want something different for many reasons. We have always made sure to keep in mind anyone who would like to know more about their aquarium LED lights options.

We included a variety of alternatives, each with their deliberate defining features to make sure any user’s specific needs are considered.

Fluval Plant 3.0: Best for Plants

Looking for a simple to understand, easy-to-use, and just as effective product? In that case, we urge you to take a look at another one of Fluval’s aquarium LED lights, the Fluval Plant 3.0.

fluval plant 3.0 aquarium led light 
Fluval Plant 3.0
Best aquarium LED light

APP controlled

24h light cycle

Deeper coverage

Pre set habitats


This light is an excellent choice for planted tanks, as it includes a range of red and blue LEDs that are crucial for photosynthesis. The Fluval Plant LED light also has automatic brightness adjustment depending on the time of day, just like the Fluval Aquasky.

This aquarium LED light will satisfy most Aquascapers with its amazing features.

  • The customization is a breeze due to the three modes the light answers to from the app: manual, auto, and pro. Each of these modes has different levels of simplicity and adjustability. From beginners to professionals, anyone can have a pleasant experience customizing this light’s settings.
  • With the Fluval Plant 3.0, users can set up their specific tank’s sunrise to sunset cycle, which can last a whole day or a few hours, depending on personal preference. (just like the Fluval Aquasky)
  • Finally, while we are on the topic of energy efficiency, this gadget is highly energy-efficient in terms of how effectively the light’s energy is dispersed and how little of it is wasted and converted to heat.

Fluval Sea Marine: Best for Coral Growing

The Fluval Sea Marine light is designed for coral growth and comes with a variety of features to make sure your underwater garden thrives. The blue LEDs are specifically calibrated to stimulate coral growth, while the white LEDs provide the perfect spectrum for fish and plant viewing. This model is specifically designed to aid in growing healthier, brighter corals in small saltwater environments.

fluval sea marine 3.0 aquarium led light
Fluval Sea Marine 3.0
Best reef aquarium led light

Ideal for coral growth

APP control

Pre set reef habitats

24h light cycle


The light itself is exclusively controlled by the Fluval Smart App from your mobile device. It has a fully programmable, 24-hour gradual cycle that varies from light settings that mimic sunrise and nighttime.

It incorporates seven unique band waves to achieve full spectrum effects and individually controlled colors for people who like to experiment. There are several preprogrammed natural habitat presets for people who prefer to stay in a certain comfort zone.

The new over-the-glass mounting design comes with a repositionable and very secure grip to fully adjust the light’s position to your specific desires without fear. And lastly, the model features a fully encased aluminum shell that ensures efficient temperature transportation and protection from possible intrusion and/or humidity in the water.

Hygger Aquairum Light: Best Budget

Do you want an excellent quality aquarium LED light without spending too much? Then the Hygger Aquarium Light might be precisely what you need as it offers a lot of features for a relatively low price.

Hygger Aquarium Light
Hygger Full Spectrum LED Light
Best budget aquarium

Adjustable timer

Extendable brackets


Easy to use


This low-cost aquarium LED light offers endless features, from five different brightness levels, to super bright led lights that will help your plants and corals thrive in their environment.

It is an excellent low-maintenance option with a straightforward installation procedure: attach the light’s mounting brackets to the tank, plug it in and place it over your aquarium.

There will be no need to worry about lighting settings either, as the light comes preprogrammed with sunset and sunrise presets that closely replicate natural day and night cycles with the highest accuracy possible. 

A Built-in timer will also allow you to decide when you want it to turn on or off during the day. The standard model has blue and white lights, whereas the pro version comes with red, blue, and white lights, so we recommend the latter the most.


The Fluval Aquasky is a great LED light for planted and reef tanks that offers amazing features, ease of use (App control), and energy efficiency. It comes in different sizes to fit any aquarium, has three modes with varying levels of customization, and incorporates a sunrise to sunset cycle. 

Throughout its medium competition, the Aquasky can be recognized as one of the brightest, and with little doubt, it is also one of the most economical options. The only downside to using this product is any bugs with the Fluval smart app on your phone, given that there is no other way to control the light itself.

Despite potential drawbacks, this product just seems to be perfect for anyone who is focused on creating the most natural and accurate lighting habitat for their tank.


Take a look below to find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Fluval Aquasky 2.0.

Q: Is Fluval Aquasky a good light?

Fluval Aquasky is one of the best aquarium LED lights for the money. It offers a host of features, is easy to use, and is very energy efficient. Other alternatives such as Fluval Plant 3.0 may be brighter but they do come with a higher price tag. Meanwhile, budget-friendly alternatives like Hygger Aquarium Light don’t have as many features as Fluval Aquasky. That is why Fluval Aquasky is an excellent light for your next aquarium.

Q: Is the Fluval Aquasky worth it?

Fluval Aquasky is definitely worth it for the average aquarist. It has a lot of features that are perfect for anyone who is looking to create a natural and accurate lighting habitat for their tank. The only downside is that there is no other way to control the light besides using the Fluval smart app on your phone.

Q: Will the Fluval Aquasky grow coral?

The Fluval Aquasky is a great light for growing coral. It may not be as good as Fluval Sea Marine which is designed to specifically grow and brighter coral, but it is still a considerable option. (especially for small reef tanks)

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