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Do your fish live in a pineapple under the sea? No? Then what are you doing! Welcome to a safe space to go back to those childhood memories with the best Spongebob fish tank decoration and enjoy them as if you were literally in Bikini Bottom. Whether you have children, or you’re channeling your inner child with this theme you’ve chosen for your cool aquarium decor, you’ve clicked on the right article. 

There’s no need to be a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants to appreciate the awesomeness that is a fish tank decorated with some of the Best SpongeBob fish tank decorations and most popular characters and objects. From SpongeBob Squarepants to Plankton, Krusty Krabs, and more, there’s something for every SpongeBob fan out there!

  1. Best Overall: SpongeBob Squarepants
  2. Must-Have: The Pineapple
  3. Best Patrick Ornament: Patrick Star
  4. Best Squidward Ornament: Squidward
  5. Best for Shy-fish: Easter Island Head
  6. Best Mr Krabs Ornament: Mr. Krabs
  7. Best Small: Krusty Krabs
  8. Best Villain: Plankton
  9. Best for Snail Tank: Gary
  10. Best 3-in-1: The Three Houses
  11. Best 6 Piece Kit: The Characters
Best Spongebob Aquarium Decorations

Best SpongeBob Fish Tank Decorations Reviewed

Out of all the products in the market, our team came up with a list of the most relevant and quality products for your fish tank. Each of these is a great addition to a SpongeBob themed tank and will definitely bring a realistic view of Bikini Bottom right on your tank.

Best Overall
Best Spongebob Fish Tank Decoration Spongebob Squarepants

The star, or the square of the show, the big guy, the main character needs to be the first definitely. You can’t build a SpongeBob fish tank without the SpongeBob. This product can be used in either freshwater or saltwater alike, with no worries and is super easy to clean.

Best Spongebob Fish Tank Decoration the Pineapple

The other main thing of the show, the infamous home of Spongebob. Now this figurine is great because it has actual cutouts in it for the door and windows to make it swimmable for your fish and actually functional besides the design aspect. It comes in a 6 and 8 inch version, both of which can hold a fish inside if they retreat in the house. Ideally, you’d put this close to Patrick’s and Squidward’s house, with SpongeBob nearby, comically looking at the fish going inside and out his home. Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater.

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Best Patrick Ornament
Best Spongebob Fish Tank Decoration Patrick Star

The other “star” of the show, Patrick, belongs next to Spongebob, under any occasion. The inseparable best friend comes in a really cute and relaxed mimic drawn in the figure, ready to bother Squidward with simply existing. It’s easy to clean, well built and it’s as realistic as possible without having the actual dude present.

Best Squidward Ornament
Best Spongebob Fish Tank Decoration Squidward

You couldn’t possibly not include the grumpy squid, couldn’t you? This product is made for resin and is suitable for freshwater and saltwater as well. It’s made realistically and it really captures the essence of Squidward with that body language and mimics. A great, great piece, that would look especially realistic is positioned looking bad at Spongey and Patrick.

Best for Shy-fish
Best Spongebob Fish Tank Decoration Easter Island Head

Honestly, if it was acceptable to have an Easter Island Head as a home, I might’ve pulled a Squidward and lived there myself. Jokes aside this is a great product and a very good-looking piece of decor as well. Even if you wouldn’t go for a SpongeBob theme this would look great in the tank regardless. It’s made for fresh and saltwater comfortably and it will complete Squidwards look completely.

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Best Mr Krabs Ornament
Best Spongebob Fish Tank Decoration Mr. Krabs

Spongebob’s boss is actually really important in the show, and there’s barely an episode he doesn’t show up, so getting his figurine is pretty much compelling. This piece is made of resin and really captures his love for money. It’s suitable for both freshwater and saltwater and it’s a great addition to this decor.

Best Small
Best Spongebob Fish Tank Decoration Krusty Krabs

You couldn’t miss the place where everything usually happens. This piece is probably the most important on the show after Sponge’s house itself. It’s the place where three characters spend most of their day in and it’s great for your fish to take shelter and swim through. In terms of appearance, it looks like an upside-down barrel. For larger fish, the holes might be a touch too small. If you choose this option, a Mr Krabs figure would be a great addition. Also made of resin this is the essence of the Bikini Bottom and you shouldn’t miss it for the world.

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Best Villain
Best Spongebob Fish Tank Decoration Plankton

I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with the villains. They’re usually my favorite characters and they make everything more fun. Plankton is a little guy, but this figurine shows him on top of his controller and he’s definitely there for mischief. Make sure to put him somewhere where he can put to work his new devilish plan.

Best for Snail Tank


Best Spongebob Fish Tank Decoration Gary

People tend to forget about Gary, but he’s been Spongebob’s pet since the beginning of the series and he’s stayed with him through everything. You’re making all this for your pet and to forget the one pet on the show is as sad as it can get. This figurine is decorative and it’s best to put it near SpongeBob and his house.

Best 3-in-1
Best Spongebob Fish Tank Decoration the Three Houses

This one is a set with the three main houses in the show. If you’ve already made up your mind that you’re getting them all, spare yourself the trouble and get this set. They’re safe from harmful toxins, made of resin and built to last. The pack includes Krusty Krabs, Easter Head House and Spongebob’s house.

As you already might’ve noticed these houses serve as Caves for your fish. Caves are a must-have decoration for any fish tank. This is especially important if you have territorial fish in your tank. Caves give a safe hiding place for anxious or frightened fish in your tank.

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Best 6 Piece Kit
Best Spongebob Fish Tank Decoration the Characters

Now although you can get each character separately, getting a pack is more economic and spares you the work of ordering each on their own. These products are safe to use, made of resin and well built. This pack includes SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and Plankton.

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Aquarium Decoration: What you Need to Know

Raising fish isn’t an easy job. There’s much that comes with it that you’re not prepared for when you just get fish. People usually fail to mention that besides the basic equipment, most often you need to spice up the look and feel of your fish tank with decorations. These decorations can either be functional to your fish or simply decorative. Fish usually need places to hide or swim between so things shaped like caves or houses with “windows” in-between for the fish to swim through make for a wonderful realistic environment for them. 

Don’t forget that these decorations shouldn’t be made by materials toxic or harmful to your fish and should suit freshwater or saltwater tanks depending on which one you own. Simple decorations include tumblestones, algae, rocks, corals, low light plants etc. Moving on to more -unique- decors, honestly there’s so much you can choose from, the possibilities are endless.

There are hundreds of themes to choose from SpongeBob to Star Wars fish tank decoration and more. Based on whatever tickles your pickle and we’re sure you’ll find all sorts of things out there.

With so many options, you are free to experiment. In this way, you can succeed in constructing your own underwater universe. SpongeBob SquarePants, which takes place in an undersea environment, is very popular with youngsters and really nostalgic for us adults as well. 

There are many options in the market to give the TV series their own world in 3D. SpongeBob’s, Squidward Q. Tentacles’, and Patrick Star’s residences, as well as the Krusty Krab, are typical choices for a themed tank. They allow the fish to roam through the cracks and take shelter inside or behind the houses. Characters can also be purchased as figurines.

If you clicked here, chances are you’re looking for Spongebob fish tank decoration and we have just the right advice and products.

Setting Up a SpongeBob Themed Aquarium

Luckily for you, due to the fact that SpongeBob is centered on aquatic life, SpongeBob aquarium decorations are perfect for your aquarium design. His best buddy is a starfish and they live next to Squidward (obviously a squid). 

Creating a theme around this series is quite simple and fitting. However, to build something themed on this, you must first know the story and characters. Just in case your kids asked this from you and you have no idea what to do, let’s explain it a little.

The Background

Obviously, Bikini Bottom doesn’t look anything like the inside of your tank, so you have to make a couple of adjustments in order to get everything right. Firstly, you don’t really need to worry about what you’re putting as substrate. In the show, it’s colorful so you can get gravel like that, but normal medium-sized gravel will do the trick either way. 

Secondly, there’s no need for plants at all, because they’re not present in the show, however, if you’re into that you can put them in a manner that doesn’t distract from the main attraction or just hide them behind decorations. 

And finally, for the SpongeBob aquarium background itself, you can get a waterproof plastic background for very little and it’s sure to set the mood completely and seal any gaps or fix any inconvenience from the positioning of the tank.

The Setup

This part is only complicated if you make it complicated. There are really not many ways to ruin this process so don’t be scared of working with this. It would be good to try this outside the tank first so you’re clear and you won’t make a mess by reordering things inside the tank itself.

Best Spongebob Aquarium Decorations Mr Kraps

The thing to keep in mind is the size of the tank. If your tank is categorized as small, around 2-3 decorations, with only one being the cave/house would be ideal. You don’t want to overstock your tank not only for the aesthetic purpose of it but also to avoid taking much space from your fish swimming space. 

You’d want to sanitize everything before you put it in your tank as well in order to not add anything harmful to your fish’s environment. For medium tanks, 2 houses and characters seem decent, and for larger ones you can get wild and recreate the whole show if you want, always keep an eye out for the fish itself, and if the tank looks overstacked or makes you feel uncomfortable when looking at it.

Our Verdict

In the end, we urge you to get whatever fits your tank the best. If you had to choose between these for a smaller tank, I’d suggest Spongebob, his house, and Patrick. If you can fit more comfortably make sure to include at least the main characters and their houses. We’d advise you to also look at one or two episodes just to get an idea of how everything looks before you make your purchase. You can see the vibes for yourself and put everyone how they look the best. 

However, if you don’t have the time for that this article was more than enough to show you exactly what we’re talking about and give you the right sense of how the figurines should be put. You can always go crazy and put Plankton hugging Mr. Krabs or something. It’s all up to you. We hope that our insight has made your choice easier and has given you a better insight into the show and how to implement it properly on your fish tank decor.

How We Choose The Best SpongeBob Fish Tank Decoration

Choosing the best SpongeBob fish tank decoration, especially with a certain theme comes with its own hardships. Firstly, with every tank decor, they shouldn’t be made with any harmful toxins to assure your fish won’t have any problems. it’s important to have an already understanding of the theme we’re going about. 

This means that we should at least know what the show/movie/book is about in order for us to find the most appropriate decors in the market. For Spongebob, it was oddly especially hard finding the proper SpongeBob fish tank ornaments, because most of the figurines weren’t made for fish tanks and weren’t waterproof, and that’s a big deal when looking for tank decors. 

We had to make sure that the figurines weren’t overpriced or didn’t give back the value for their money. We understand, having fish and keeping them safe and healthy and well-fed is already an expensive thing. Making your tank look cool shouldn’t cost a fortune, it’s a basic thing and not luxury. 

We had to go through hundreds of products and even rewatch the show to remember how everything was exactly. In the end, the products we chose are definitely the best Spongebob fish tank decoration for this theme and are top-notch in quality as well as visually. With these products, you can recreate several scenes from the show with your favorite characters and buildings. We can’t begin to imagine how great everything will look and we’re eager to see some of your setups trending online.

The Show And How It Relates To Your Tank

Obviously, the main character is a mindless Sea Sponge named SpongeBob. The show takes place under the sea in a place called Bikini Bottom. There, SpongeBob lives in a pineapple near his best friend Patrick who is a starfish, and near Squidward who is a squid. Squidward lives in an Easter Island Head house and kind of hates SpongeBob and he definitely doesn’t like being around him although they’re neighbors. 

Patrick lives under a rock, literally and metaphorically and he’s mostly known for being goofy, slightly duller than Spongebob. SpongeBob and Squidward work at Krusty Krab, a restaurant famous for Krabby Patties owned by Mr. Krabs, a crab and Spongebob’s boss. Krabby Patties have a secret recipe that Plankton (actual plankton), the nemesis of Mr. Krab wants to steal. SpongeBob also has a pet snail that he loves very much, named Gary that occasionally meows.

Other noticeable characters are Sandy Cheeks, a squirrel that wears a diving suit in order to breathe underwater and lives in a house devoid of water, and Mr. Krabs daughter, Pearl, who is a whale and wears a cheerleader outfit. 

All these characters interact with each other creating the infamous 13 seasons and the show is ongoing probably for a while too, so there’s no way that this decor will be called outdated anytime soon. Based on what you learned, don’t go putting Plankton and Mr. Krabs hugging each other in the tank or anything of the sort. If you’re planning to do a themed design, you gotta be accurate in portraying everything as similar to the show as possible.

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